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Which makes more sense? Splitting rent by people or rooms?

There will be 3 adults and 2 kids in a 4 bedroom house. Each adult will have a room and the kids will share one. Is it fairer to split the rent by 3 for each person or by 4 for each bedroom?


The two children belong to one person.

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    Utilities should be split five ways. With younger kids, phone should be split three ways. Rent should be split four ways. How is that for a compromise?

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    I would split the rent 4 ways.

    Each of the 3 adults gets a portion.

    If the two kids belong to one adult then that adult gets the 4th portion.

    If the two kids belong to different adults, then the two adults that they belong to split the kids portion.

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    It is fair to split by 4. The adults without kids should not be paying for the kids. It is only fair and responsible to pay for your own kids' room.

    Unless for some reason all the adults in the house are responsible for raising those 2 children.

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    Are you the landlord? If so then you decide how much rent for the entire house. Only draw up one lease showing who is responsible for paying the rent (the adults). It is up to the tenants to decide how they want to split the bills.

    Also, if it is necessary to go to court because only one adult paid their part of the rent, you can still evict all of them by suing for the remainder in rent court. If you want to later, you can re-rent to the person who actually paid.

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    Wow. A curley question. you may % to be very diplomatic whilst negotiating this one. I see some thoughts. one million. There are 4 rooms. you have one, so might desire to pay one million/4 of $1400. 2. you're 2. There are a entire of 7 one million/2 (taking into consideration absent 5yr previous). so which you're able to desire to pay 2 / 7.5 of $1400. 3. in case you have a stable earnings or sources you're able to desire to pay in accordance to what you have. those with no longer something pay no longer something. The others share in accordance to their sources or earnings. 4. If there is too plenty subject in coming to an understanding with Grandma and the cousin then that's best to pass away. 5. in case you could why no longer pay the finished lease your self and make each and every person satisfied. it could make you sense extra desirable. as quickly as you have worked out and agreed on sharing the lease you presently have the activity of dividing the electrical powered energy, gasoline and water. stable success.

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    I would say go the same rent for each person, no point in punishing those with kids, providing of course, the kids help with chores, and keep the house clean and quiet and be helpful.

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    By rooms

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    depends whos kids they are, that person should pay for the extra room!

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