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Flea bath gone wrong!!!?

i was washing my cat because she has fleas and i think i might have accidentally got some soap in her vagina because she is sitting down allot....what can i do? :S

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    flea baths are pointless!


    -clean house with simple green every weekend (fleas cant stand it)

    -get a cup and dilute simple green in water so its a faint green color, dip a flea comb into in and brush fleas off of cat.

    -buy flea medication

    Advantage Advantage Advantage! $50 and less depending how much u need.


    I had thee worst flea problem on my 4 cats in June, doing all of those steps ^^ I got rid of the problem in a month. and my cats are soo happy.

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    um your cat has to be in a bathtub or a big bucket that's filled with lukewarm water up to it's stomach or so, that's how i wash my cat, that's how you don't make a mess and then you take a cup and pour some of the water from the bathtub or bucket on it so you don't have to use a shower.

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    keep washing her bottom with water. Put her back in the tub with just water, no soap.

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    make sure all the soap was washed off

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