Can you catch bird flu from eating an egg of a bird who had bird flu?


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    "bird flu" is just a common name for a standard influenza virus. The actual influenza viral subtype is H5N1. Since it is just an influenza virus, it is transmitted the same ways as the other influenza viruses that you are more familiar with.

    Direct contact with sick birds (pet ducklings, chickens) accounts for almost all cases. Activities associated with transmission include holding the sick bird, killing the bird (spraying blood all over the place), and re-burying a dead pet bird. Though I believe there has been one or two cases of spread from person to person, this is NOT typical at all -- at this point all other cases have been determined to have had direct contact with sick or dying birds.

    You canNOT get this from eating contaminated foods - not the eggs, and not the meat of an infected chicken. It is only transmitted by respriatory droplets (breathing the germ in ). No need to worry at all about foods.

    Source(s): 1. NEJM 2004;350:1179-88. 2. I'm a practicing Infecious Diseases specialist.
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    Ofcourse if the bird is infected ,the egg it lays is also infected. Although if properly cooked the chances can be lessen but why to take a risk. . .

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    no, you can't.

    Flu is transmitted via respiratory droplets. people who have gotten the bird flu have gotten it from close contact with the birds.

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    Birds usually fly chickens don't fly no but really, the heat or at least I hope you cook your eggs will kill the virus.

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