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Polo + sweater combo on a girl?

What's your opinion on that? I'm thinking of wearing this really big dark red college v-neck sweater with a black polo underneath and a beige mini skirt and i'd just like a second opinion. It's one of those sweaters that clings around your waist and your wrists and then loosens up... unattractive? okay? too preppy? too lazy?

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    thats so cute. very preppy. not as in abercrombie and fitch preppy but like classic lacoste, ralph lauren preppy :) but honestly i think more college kids would be wearing that. but other than that, its a very well put together, classy outfit (: also, try acessorizing a bit, maybe some cute earrings or necklaces, but make sure you dont accesorize TOO much cuz then it will overwhelm the outfit. maybe some diamonds studs and a plain necklace. that would look so cute!

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    no i think it'll look good. wear it with a cute pair of flats or some bright colored jewlery

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    no,the 80's are over.

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    cute and preppy. wear it!

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