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Why am I circumcised?

I was born Lutheran - Missouri Synod.

If it makes any difference, I underwent major surgery three months after my birth.

From what I've heard, only Jews are supposed to be circumcised - yet it appears by the media and such to be more normal than not - a different Answer said 80% were circumcised! Yet there's no medical reason for it and Christians aren't supposed to have a religious reason for it. So who decided this?


I just wanted to state before the question retires that there are no medical benefits - claims of circumcision preventing venereal disease and penile cancer are all based on bad science (or, I suppose, fabricated).

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    So this sounds a little crazy but a circumcised penis looks nicer, I have 2 boys my oldest I had circumcised while he was a new born in the hospital and when I took him home I took off his diaper to change him and I almost passed out his winky looked so raw and he was crying I swore that I would never do that again if I had a 2nd son and guess what I did! wow I love my luck well I told my hubby I wasn't going to get him snipped and he was fine with that. I don't know why I got my oldest snipped but regret it I did it because of the fact that I thought it looked better and would be less prone to infection.

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    because you live in country where doctors profit from the surgery and have americans convinced that cuting off the most sensitive parts of the penis is a good thing, some christians believe and many have believed in the early 1900's it was necessary

    many people try to justify it with medical benefits anyone who actually does a cost-benefit analysis of the procedure will find it does not have more benefits then harm and that is why no country with universal healthcare pays for it, medicare is dropping and many insurance companies are dropping it as well. it was originally a religious thing and was later tried to be justified with medical reason s that have been proven false or were based on bad medical studies

    nowadays it's money, consider this, if a hospital circumcises two baby boys a day at $500 each that is about $30,000 a MONTH, $360,000 a YEAR for 30 total minutes work per day, and that doesn't include what they get for selling the foreskins to skin care companies (seriously they do)

    may sound weird but I restored my foreskin (as much can be restored) and the benefits of having one are there

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    You heard wrong. Jews are not the only ones who are circumcised. Muslims are cirucmised too. Americans, Canadians, koreans and philipinos all circumcise for cultural reasons which include health benefits. There are medical reasons for circumcision. No cancer of the penis, less stds, less uris, less hpv and less hiv . No phimosis, balanitis or other infections of the penis. It is easier to keep clean.

    As for Christians not having a religious reason for cirucmcision, just remember Jesus Christ was circumcised. If its good enough for him its good enough for me.

    Your parents in their wisdom decided this for you. you should be thankful.

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    For what ever the reason, your parents decided this for you at birth! This is the only thing that bothers me about circumcision, the fact that so many parents do it to their children with out ever knowing whether it would be what the child wants. Now, I understand that this is not a decision for a child to make at a young age, and that baby's are completely incapable of making it all together. However, parents should wait until the child reaches a reasonable age and let him decide for himself if he wants it done. After all, it is HIS penis!

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    In America, and especially in the midwest, the majority of baby boys have been circumcised at birth for generations. It is far from just a Jewish tradition in this country. Parents have many reasons for choosing to circumcise their sons, among them: better hygiene, neater appearance, less risk of UTIs, yeast infections, and certain STDs, social/cultural norms, considered more attractive by many American women.

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    I think this slide show does an excellent example of showing how circumcision became popular among gentiles in America-

    Youtube thumbnail

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    At the time they probably thought it was necessary. Now they know better.

    Circumcision rates in the USA are at an all-time low, and worldwide only 20% of guys are cut.

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    I had my boys circumcised because I had always heard it is hard to keep an uncircumcised boy clean. My 2nd son, apparently wasn't fully circumcised and we have had some problems with him. We have to really take special care in pulling the skin back and cleaning and rinsing, or he ends up getting red and hurting down there. After you get past the age of getting to clean your own child and then you have to depend on them to do it, it could even get worse. As for the religious reasons...mine had nothing to do with that as I am not a religious person. Every parent is different and no one should be criticized for what decision they make for their child. I think all of us (parents) are just trying to do the best we can.

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    Mothers(most are single) are to lazy to take care of there male baby's, so they hack off part of their sons penis. There is no medical reason for it today.

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    Circumcision was a way of signifying christianity in biblical times. Why the did this, I dont know. But now a days its more done as a hygeine element rather than religious.

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