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Tooth or thrush/infection?

My 10 week old has a white spot on his gums that we noticed today. He won't hold his mouth open long enough to get really good look at. My mother said it is not a tooth because it;s not in the front but then when she looked at it she thought it was a tooth. Should I make an appt? I've heard babies can get thrush which is the onyl other thing I could think but I breastfeed and my nipples are fine. Any thoughts?

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    Oooh, I know this one! My son had this exact same thing, like a tiny white bump on his gums right? Well I took him to the pedi thinking thrush and it turns out it is something called Epsteins Pearls which are little white cysts that occur on newborn's gums. They resolve on their own.

    If it is thrush, your baby would be experiencing some pain while feeding. If you are breastfeeding than your nips would be quite sore as well. It would be very rare for a 10wk old to be getting a new tooth. If you are worried it doesn't hurt to make an appointment but it sure sounds like what my little boy had when he was around that same age!

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    If you can't get a good look, you can still probably get a good feel. Stick a clean finger in his mouth and rub the gums. If it's a tooth you will feel it. If you can't feel anything it could be thrush but it could also just be a little blister on his gum. SOme babies get little blister, especially from bottle feeding, if you do that too. Just take him to the ped and ask to be sure. You can have thrush on your breasts with no symptoms. Good luck!

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    Of course it may be many things but one thing that is very very common in women is being anemic. (now i see you mentioned it) It can be as simple as your doctor giving you iron pills and stool softeners (it irritates some women and makes them constipated). The other option that was given to me was taking Flinstone pills that have iron in them. I personally stay away from them bc of too many bad stories but you shouldnt have a problem. My sister is anemic and Im borderline anemic. My bones were always aching and apparently since i was "borderline" anemic, my egghhh (i cant remeber the exact words) body was trying to replace my iron by taking by bone marrow (or something) therefore leaving my bones practically brittle. Anyways, i feel much better now .I think that you should also try exercising a bit, it just made me feel better to be tired for a real reason rather than feeling so lazy. It gave me a nice boost of energy.

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    I would think that it is a tooth but wouldnt hurt to see the dr just incase good luck

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    you can get thrush on your nipples this is what the doctors told me when I was breast feeding my son so they told me that you need to wash your nipples with a gentle soap everyday. Take him to the doc.

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    no, its probably a tooth, not EVERY baby gets its first tooth in the front.

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