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16 year old male, 5'9'', 152 pounds!?

I'm a 16 year old male, 5'9'', 152 pounds!

I want to drop to 140, as soon as possible?

I also have bad acne... I feel so depressed, I've even become shy at school. And my closest friends are now targeting me with ugly jokes because I look like this! UGH!

Help me!!


Thank you so much.

I am pretty active, so that's why I'm so confused?

I don't eat lots of fast food.

I go out, and I shower and apply creams to my face, but it won't leave!

I can mention a few people that don't do nothing and they are thin, and they have no acne!

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    i would say just don't care about it but that can be hard

    if you want to drop wieght i would try crunches im your age and i do 500 each night i started at 20 and worked my way up over 4 weeks and i have loss a lot of weight. also try doing some running that always helps

    good luck mate

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    this is what you do make a chart of your weight goals for a week like. 2 pounds per week that a more stable approach. Also do what i did i was a fat kid when i was 13 i started to skateboard loved it. skated everyday lost all my weight became a stick and never even tried to loose weight. i did what i love just get out there play basketball do some sports have fun and put all your energy in it and youll be fine. eating and video games are not fun in this situation bc thats probably what made you a fat as.

    but your not fat at all. punch your friends in the face. or just take it dude thats what friends do rag on each other. i would be concered with the friends that dont rag on me.

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    About your weight ...

    It's not as bad as it could be. One of my friends who is a boy is 5'8" but is 160 lb ... !!

    It's much easier for boys to lose weight than girls (scientifically proven). You can diet (sugar/fatty junk food off limits) along with exercising (running/weights)

    About your acne ...

    Acne results from oily, contaminated skin. Cleaning it daily will help; there's also medication available for really bad skin. It's ok for a guy to have rough skin so don't worry too much, just wash your face a lot.

    About feeling sad ...

    Don't! Your looks are no reason for you to not enjoy life. Or, google 'ugly, deformed, disgusting'. The people you see will make you feel so lucky..

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    Help yourself. Don't feel bad about your appearance. People who like you will like you no matter how god awful you look. If you don't like the acne, try a creme. If it continues, try a doctor. If you feel fat, cut back on soda or something, but according to what you posted, you aren't fat. Reducing weight seems hard, but it is really simple. I dropped some extra poundage just by cutting sugary drinks and started drinking water and tea.

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    Always remember: there are PLENTY of ugly guys out there who get a LOT of tail. Just comes down to how good and deep your personality runs.

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    try pro active for the acne

    and ur at a good weight

    but if u want to drop a couple lbs

    become vegetarian for a couple weeks

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    water water water water. water cleans your skin and helps you lose weight. water deprivation is due to a lot of hygienic flaws and weight problems. I bet you drink a lot of soda, don't you pizza face? don't lie to yourself. drink more water!

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    there is ways to use reverse psycology, so that your "friends" wont find enjoyment in teasing you.

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    if you droped 140 puonds you would be 12 lbs, dude wtf your a guy you dont need to be skinny, but certainly not fat. your qweight is fine. but the ance thing might be a problem

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    What, you queer or sumptin?

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