Pilot direction problem involving force?

Th pilot of a passenger jet with an air speed of 700km/h wishes to fly 1400 km due north. To move to the north, the pilot finds he must fly 10 deg west of north. If the flight requires 1 h 54min, what is the wind velocity?

I'm not sure what to do with this one, and considering most people could do this in a second in my class the last people I want to talk to is them.

Could someone give me some direction so I can avoid my own social denigration so early in life?

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    time of the flight

    1 h 54 min = 1.9 h


    1.9 h * 700 km/h = 1330 km


    see picture



    AC is contribution of the engine

    CB is contribution of the wind


    Distance x using cosine law

    x = √(1400² + 1330² - 2*1400*1330*cos 10°) = 247.94 km


    Speed of the wind is

    (247.94 km) / (1.9 h) = 130.5 km/h


    Ask if something is not clear.


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