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Considering Break Dancing?

Well Im a 16 year old guy in grade 11 , and wondering if you guys think it's too late to break dance? I consider myself to have great upper body strength , Im flexible and everytime I see someone break dancing It makes me want to do it even more. I played football, basketball, and I was on a competitive gymnastic team for 2 years.

What do you think about guys who dance, or breakdance? Not that it really matters, but I really want to see peoples opinions

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    hey i started when i was 16 so ur the same as me.

    It's not too late.

    ive been bboying for like 2.5 monoths now and im pretty decent.

    So yeah, it's not too late. And girls like it too ;) lol

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    Yeah, GO FOR IT.

    [I love guys who breakdance]

    I'm currently 16 [and a girl] and I have been breakdancing since I was in

    7th grade.

    You will get the hang of it once you start practicing.

    It's more along the lines if

    you want to become a Power Breaker

    or a Style Breaker.

    There are also many easy tutorials on YouTube;

    also check your school.

    [Many schools have b-boy crews already established]

    Good Luck ;D

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    You should definitely try it out. 16 is a good age to start and usually people learn other styles of dancing before becoming a b-boy or b-girl, so break dancing doesn't always come at an early age for people. You should try it out either at a studio or you can self teach through watching different videos (youtube is a good starter) or by watching other people in and around your area.

    I think it's awesome for both guys and girls to break dance. It shows their athleticism and their conviction into the art of what they do.

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