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Fund raising help, please?

In the future, I am planning to be involved with the People to People Student Ambassador program, which is a national program, that was founded by President Eisenhower in 1956.

This is a very good programs for grade school kids, you travel around the world for several days, but its very expensive. This program is truly life changing in every student that goes as a student ambassador. The process to be chosen as a student ambassador is very narrowing, they search your background, you're interviewed, and you have to be recommended by the people around you, and more. Only 40 students out of my area will be chosen to go in June 09 to Australia.

I need help with fund raising my tuition to go. I need to earn about $3250 (Full trip is $7000, parents are meeting me about half way) I have several ideas to help sell things, and asking relatives. I need to know if anyone knows any national sponsors that will sponsor me for this cause, or if they have gift programs. I know several of you have been sponsored and if I can hear some of your ideas, tips, anything, it would be great!

Its currently late, so I can't go much into detail, for more information, please contact me, or I'll add to this question.


By national: I mean like Wal-Mart, Target, Krogers, etc.

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    I don't know of any national sponsors that will help you raise money. You are better off going to local community service organizations and businesses and asking them to sponsor you. You'll increase your chances of getting funding if you offer to do something beneficial for them in return. Perhaps volunteering to help other students, etc.

    Another idea is to look into a Rotary Youth Exchange through Rotary International. My husband and I have hosted several students through this program and have known several young people from our area who have participated in a Rotary Youth Exchange. The costs are usually quite a bit less, and scholarships are available to help you raise the funds.

    Go to for more information. Or, find a local Rotary Club in your area and ask them about applying. This is the time of year when they interview.

    Source(s): Involved with Rotary Youth Exchange program for foreign and local students.
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