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Do you have any suggestions about Digital Days?

The turn of the century was 01.01.01

The next one will be 10.01.01

after that is 01.10.01

the day after is 01.11.01

II'm sure you get the idea now.

Any ideas of how you might celebrate such events?

after 11.11.11. there will be no more digital days until

01.01.01 nearly 90 years away.

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    If you normally use a digital camera... use the "digital day" to use nothing but B&W film. If you can find one or borrow one, use a large format view camera and learn the art of the wet plate collodion process for developing your film.

    The last real digital day was November 11, 1111. So the next real digital day will be January 1, 10000. (Unless we develop a new way of doing the calendar.)

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