What is your dream school?

This is a random question, but it needed to be put out there. I want to know what your dream school would be. It can be anything, anywhere as long as it is realistic. So nothing like a school for aliens on Io.

To give you an idea of what I mean I have decided to put my dream school down as well. It would be a private boarding school with four main sections. The largest would be dedicated to the arts. Music, band, drama, musical theater, painting, drawing, media, that sort of stuff also there would be a huge theater for performances. The second would be mathematics and science. There would be a lab with everything that you could need for science, and observatory. Third English and literature. So there would be a large library with all the classics, Shakespearean plays and poetry, Greek tragedy's, and new books too. The last would be a history and social studies. There would be all the resources you need for research in that and a debate hall. There would of course been on campus dorms. Girls and boys separate buildings. Also a pool and all the gym stuff you would need. But the school would be mainly orientated around the fine arts. One last thing each section would have a lecture hall. The school itself would be about three stories tall and around the school there would be forest and ponds and it would be far from cities and that sort of thing. Perfect for astronomy.

Well, that's my dream school. Now I will never be able to go to a school like for two reasons. It would be way to expensive and I don't ever know if there is a school like that out there. Well, I can dream can't I? Tell me what your dream school is and what you thought of mine.


What do you mean it wont get you any good jobs? There are tones of job possibilities in there! I did say there was lots of science stuff in there, and the astronomy would be good. Any of the sciences, and also media. There are many jobs in media. Name one job that you couldn't get out of my dream school. I dare you!

Update 2:

I did say there was a lab with all the stuff you needed, that includes biology. But there isn't mechanics, I do agree with that.

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    1 decade ago
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    i would rlly want to go to a music school and study the instruments. i think i've fallen in love with music ever since. i mean the vibe is just awesome.

  • 1 decade ago

    i'd like a school in the suburbs. but your school is missing something very important. None of those fields will get you a good career. it sounds like liberal arts high school all over again. what about mechanics and medicine and law? shouldn't real-world jobs have some sort of section too?

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