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Would you do this fantasy football trade?

Maurice Jones Drew and Marques Colston for Jerricho Cotchery and Brandon Jacobs???

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    probly not

    drew gets more carries and colston gets more playing time

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If not for Russells fumble and the poor blocking on offense, This team would easily be 3-1.. but their time isnt here yet, this team will be a instant Playoffs contender once the 2009 season begins..

    Russell is still growing.. Al Davis will get or draft or even trade for a better LT and WR during the Offseason..

    If not for the Young Offense The Raiders Win..

    The Chargers better win a SB soon, because soon they will need to sit below the Raiders again, for years to come..

    LT had 106 yds, most coming in the 4th QT in the last 2 min.. coming from a Defense that wasnt playing to win anymore, because it was obvious the Win would go to SD.. so the real score was 21-18

    LT get a Ring Now or change team because the Raiders Mystic is coming again in 2009 and its here to stay..

  • 1 decade ago

    thats a tight one.... if it was me i think it's risk it and do the trade... mostly cause i like cotchery more then colston... but you never know with Drew so far he has been really soild but he gets hot then cold... and when he gets cold he won't play ( with taylor in the backfield with him )

    and who is this guy going on about the RAIDERS.... there crap... and Jamarcus Russell is a floppppp.... flat out he can't trow....

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