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its HITACHI a good option for plasma hdtv??

please help me im thining to buy a hitachi-p50a202 but im not really sure its hitachi a good option for plasmas hdtv??

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  • AWolf
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    1 decade ago
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    No. The very best dollar-for-dollar plasma display, for BOTH performance and reliability, not to mention after sales service, is the Panasonic Viera. This has been the top Consumer Reports rated HDTV for several years. The price is close enough to Hitachi that price shouldn't make a difference. Don't compromise!

    Pioneer also makes a high quality plasma but, IMHO, too over priced vs. Panasonic.

    Type 'panasonic plasma tv 50' in your Yahoo or Google search and you'll get many hits to compare specs and prices. And you don't 'need' a 1080p resolution, even in a 50", unless you sit close and are using a Blu-ray player with a 1080p BRD. 720p/1080i is fine. Good hunting!

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