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Help Grow hair faster? ?

i know its not like magic .. but i would like to know how to help it grow faster then it really does. I tried wild growth it works but don't like the oil much. any other things suggestions? any remedies.?

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    Healthy you... healthy hair... get on a good multi vitamin... hair is a waste product of the body just like nails and skin... be gentle with it... back off any heat appliances... the biggest culprit to the lack of growth sometimes is plain old breakage... so to see results... really take care of it... scalp massages when you shampoo will bring the blood to the surface being your scalp... this is where the follicles are that produce the hair shaft... this is all text book info here... it is really simple and don't fall for some of the gimmicks out there.

    hope this bit of info helps;-)))

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    the best way to grow your hair faster, i believe, is internally. if you have highly textured (wavy or curly), brushing can be very damaging. and i don't believe that many external products really work. some people have seen results with Shapley's MTG, but if you don't like Wild Growth Oil, you will despise MTG. i paid a grip for it, but it smelled so bad, i threw it in the trash.

    along with a good multivitamin, i recommend taking B5 (pantothenic acid) and biotin capsules daily. this helped me increase my growth rate over a long period of time. instant results... i have yet to see anyone achieve that...

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    There are stuff in the market that FDA do not even approve since they do not have manpower to assess every certainly one of them, they have got no longer demonstrated, they are billion greenback enterprise, till anybody complains they are very very in poor health. If you wish your hair to develop quicker, you're what you consume. Start consuming healthful meals, examine out pyramid meals organizations.gov. It takes plenty of endurance. There's no rapid medication. Many of the ones tablets are simply sugar and/or tablets that may intent you to begin gaining weight. If your hair is not developing most of the time, there are explanations why. Supplements, hair dyes, perming, straightening, drugs, and an excessive amount of of the whole lot. Add to that the 7,000 + toxics determined on your dwelling, plus air pollution determined outside. The majority of hair disorders right here, are from ladies underneath 30, with broken hair, hair stopped developing, hair no longer developing rapid adequate, hair falling, and many others.... looking to be a follower of fashion. And the ones are the identical ladies giving recommendation right here. Go determine!

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    ew i tried wild growth oil and i think it stttinnkkksss i used like a half can of febreeze while using it because it smells soo bad.

    i gave up on that idea and just stuck to biotin pills and prenatal pills

    if you shower in the morning, massage your scalp before you go to bed for 5 minutes and in the morning for 5 minutes right before your shower or in your shower while you shampoo. if you shower at night, do not massage your scalp in the morning because it makes your hair greasy and gross. you can look up scalp treatments that simulate your scalp. again, some of them don't smell delicious but they do work over time, and you can tell. just make sure to wash it all out or else you'll wreak all day.

    another thing you can do to fool everyone while your waiting for it to grow is to curl your hair for a period of time and then straighten it and then everyone will be like woah your hair got so long! it makes me feel like im actually making progress hahahah

    good luck with growing your hair, and ignore the people who say "its not possible" blah blah blah because its so not true!

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    USE LESS SHAMPOO...massage with oil....i know u dont like it but oil is a good for growth of hair...

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    eat protein and silica rich foods like lettuce and green peppers, take biotin, try not to blow dry or apply heat to the hair

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    If you brush your hair a LOT your hair will grow faster, I'm not sure if it will be as much faster as you want, but it will definitely work!

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