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stupid Ques...answer anywho.?

how can i stop eating.

like i want food like a bazillion times a day and i give in. everyone tells me im stupid cuz i think im fat but im very stubborn.

no smart alec answers.

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    dont worry its not a stupid question.

    one thing that will most likely be really efficiant is to keep a food diary and write everything you eat and how many calories is in it. that way you can see how many calories your eathing and it will help you cut down alot

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    Please, don't get appetite suppressors or start a detox without first talking to your physician. They can be very bad for the body and mind. I support the second answer-writing down what you eat is the best way to see what you need to work on. And don't think you need to starve yourself either. It's actually best for most people if we eat around six times a day-just in moderation in proportion and eat a variety of foods. It's good to have fat in the diet, but you probably need to eat more healthy, which includes vegetables and fruits, etc. And don't forget your fiber!

    Source(s): from a treatment center for eating disorders (Ridgeview)
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    It's probably alright as long as it isn't causing problems. If you are seriously worried about it there are quite a few appetite killers. There's a "hoodia" spray, and slim shots, and more. Slim shots didn't work for me though.

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