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Jews, Christians & Muslims are brothers?

Yes, i know we all are Children's of GOD and by that way we can call ourselves brothers, but my questions is different.

I heard that Holy Qur'an say's: Jews, Christians & Muslims are Brothers (Cousins). I even heard some sermons of clerics, they also says to Muslims that Jews & Christians are your brothers, respect them.

Does Holy Bible Say the same about Jews & Muslims?

Is there any similar verses are available in Holy Bible?

Please remember that you are helping me in understand the two different religions, hence your kind answers are very appreciated.

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    Mohammad is believed to be a descendant of Abraham's son, Ishmael. Judah is believed to be a descendant of Abraham's son Isaac. Christ is believed to be a descendant of Judah. So they all trace their roots to Abraham.

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    I did a quick search through the Qur'an and could not find a place where it mentioned that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are brothers. I can however tell you that what it is meaning by the term brother is referring back to the origin of their faith. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all claim to have their roots and origin through Abraham (Genesis 17) and the promise God made to him.

    In regards to their beliefs Christians were called Jews up until the fall of the temple in 70 A.D. Christianity is based on the fulfillment of the Old Testament (Jewish) prophecies which Christ fulfilled yet the Jews did (and do) not believe He is the Messiah. So that is the main premise under which they are divided.

    Islam however is somewhat different. It is said to be a 'revelation' given to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The problem that Jews and Christians have with the message of the Qur'an is that it attempted to rewrite fundamental parts of the Jewish and Christian faith through abrogation and claiming key incidents did not occur.

    The Bible does not speak of Islam in any sense because Islam came to be almost six centuries later. Long after the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecies through Christ and the writing of the New Testament.

    In my opinion I would not call any of them brothers because none of them believe that you get to Heaven the same way. And there is only one way. Jews and Christians are close to one another because they both follow the Old Testament, but the Christians also have the New Testament. Islam on the other hand is far in the outfield by making false claims about science and history, and totally changing God's message from the Bible (but according to the Bible He cannot change).

    That is about as unbiased I can get in regards to your question. Hope it proves helpful. :)

    Source(s): The Holy Bible, Qur'an,, Robert Spencer
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    I'm a Christian. It's becoming more and more rare for Christians to think this way, but I thoroughly believe that Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all other monotheists worship the same God (there is one and only one God), but percieve Him in different ways, and thus believe different things about Him. A Christian named Theophilus of Antioch wrote roughly the same thing in the second century AD, though he referred to Greek monotheists of the time. Christian fundamentalists typically know very little about ancient Christianity, and so they will usually claim that Muslims worship a different deity. The Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament speaks well of Jews, and states that ''to them belong all of the covenants,'' but this letter, as well as the rest of the New Testament, was written more than five hundred years before Mohammed came along, so Islam isn't mentioned.

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    No, the Holy Bible does Not say anywhere that we are brothers with any one Except other believers. As for Children of God [Jehovah], only those who Obey Him can be His children. If you have access to a King James Version Bible [on line at] look up 1John 5:1-5; Revelation 12:17; 14;12; 22:14 these will tell you who are the saint [children of God].

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    Christians can not be 'brothers' with muslims because they don't believe in the same God. I know muslims and maybe a few christians say that they worship the same God, but they don't. They approach their Gods very differently, and their Gods reveal themselves to their people very differently. They are not the same.

    Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah, Muslims believe Jesus is only a prophet, Jews (except for Messianic Jews) don't believe Jesus is God. The ancient Jews had Jesus put to death because of his claims to be God. Muslims can't be brothers with either Jew's or Christians, but Jews and Christians have a unique relationship because of Jesus being a Jew, Jesus bringing the new covanent between God and His people. I don't want to say Jew's and Christians are brothers because of their differences of belief about Jesus, but they both recognise God the Father and the Holy Spirit as God, so in a way they are.

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    I don't know about the Quran but the Bible specially the NT says there is no jew or greek in front of God's eyes so we are one with him.. from jewish come the salvation.. that's a verse about the gospel of John.. I don't know about Islam.. the islam is not part of the Bible.. the canon was closed before mohammad arrived to Saudi Arabia.

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    answer: The bible doesn't say a thing about Muslims because Islam wasn't founded until approx. 649 C.E. and didn't make it's way to Christian lands for another couple of hundred years after that.

    Jewish writings are even older.

    Jews and most Christians recognize that Muslims worship the same deity. The disagreement for all three is how to worship that deity, how Jesus and Mohammad are seen and which is correct for whom.

    Jews don't feel everyone has to convert to Judaism to find G-d. Christians and Muslims believe everyone should convert to find G-d, including each other.

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    This is complicated but I will try to explain. The quaran and the torah contradict in every way. God is not the author of confusion.

    The christian bible has the torah in the first part. Hence, the christians and the jews have the same God. The christian bible is a continuation of the torah.

    the christian Bible contradicts the quaran in every way. The quaran does not have the same author as the torah and the bible.

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    The Bible doesn't mention Islam. The Bible was written before Mohammad came along and started his religion.

  • All descendants of the Abrahamic god...children of Abraham, etc, etc.

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