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How do I tell my cousin I'm tired of her? ?

Okay.. I've been talking to my cousin recently because we haven't seen each other in a while.

Here lately we've been seeing each other alot & she bugs me so much...

She's a year younger then me i'm 16... Well anyways! I text some of her guys friends... & I was looking on myspace for one of the guys I talk to that's one of her friends...

& I texted him asking him if he has a girlfriend & he said he does... & I asked him if her name was this... or that... & then all of a sudden my cousin calls me!

Now let me just add this in she calls me everytime I ask something like this or she is always in my business.!

I get so sick of her telling me what I can do & what I can't do....

She's the one that lost her virginity @ 13 & thought she was preggy twice...

I just want her to back on! She's so annoying & is always in my business. How do I tell her nicely I don't wanna talk anymore?


I meant back off.

Update 2:

I've tried ignoring her calls.. texts when she says she is coming over... then my mom or brother end up answering the phone & then my cousin comes over... I do love her & the last time i did tell her not to talk to me she was really hurt. She says i'm the only one that listens to her & the only who that she feels really cares..

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    Be honest but kind. Tell her you like her, love her, and enjoy her company but that you need space and that it bothers you that she is always in your business. Honesty is best.

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    What approximately your deficient mother? Why do you ought to babysit? Is it on account that she needs to put at the sofa and devour junk meals and watch TV? Or is it on account that she has to paintings and he or she demands any one to support her out so she will hold your household going, fed and clothed? If you consider you are the slave, probabilities are your mother feels that method occasions 100. She's bought youngsters that she's bought to appear out for and whilst considered one of them makes her existence intricate on account that they have got to pass hang around with their cousin it simply makes her existence all that a lot tougher. You will have to appear out in your mother. There's a few folks that could like to have a mother or siblings they needed to babysit alternatively of being an orphan or deserted by way of their father and mother to something destiny they are going to have.

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    u cant just tell her to not talk to u. after all she is ur cousin. what u can do is tell her that u feel like shes controlling u and stuff but if ur hanging out with her friends ur obviously gonna be hanging out with her. how would u feel if she hung out with ur friends but didnt wanna hang out with u? and just cuz she had sex at 13 and thought she was pregnant 2 times doesnt mean anything. dont judge her. shes ur cousin. just be nice and eventually she'll get bored of u and she wont bug u as much

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    Well she will always be your family, haha, but i never had to deal with that cuz all my couzins my age are guys..only girl cuzins i have are 7 and 9. So you can do what my friend did to hers..haha..every time she goes somewhere and her cuz is with her she says that she cant go with her because her freinds hate her or cuz she annoying and shizzzz. That deff stoped her from hanging out with her joke. But if your not that mean, just sit her down and tell her that you think its time to take a break from talking and hanging out because shes getting on your nerves, but you still wanna talk to her later on some time. idk..

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    There is no real nice way to tell someone that you don't want to talk to them, you are just going to have to say that you can handle her telling you what to do and that you think that she should stop talking to you for awhile.

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    There's no nice way to do something like this. You need to be tough with her, & she needs it from you.

    I mean she would actually benefit from you telling her like it is.

    You may feel like her enemy, but you would actually be her friend by getting tough on her right now.

    She needs to learn a little about herself, & how her controlling ways affect other people. (like you)

    Be bold, & be real.

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    Hey!! Maybe you should sit down and talk to her nicely and explain your side of the story.and hear her side of the story?

    Im sure you don't want to cut her out of your life.your just angry and frustrated

    I hope you sort out your issues your having with your cousin =)

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    Just tell her to give you some space cause you have things you want to get done.

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    just say it was nice hanging out with her and stuff but u need some space for awhile

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    just stop talking to her as much..answer her less when she calls you and stuff and over time you will drift apart and not really talk anymore

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