!!Urgent!! Appraisal on a gently used Armstrong silver flute? With pictures?


I'm desperate to sell this old flute of mine as I have no interest in playing it any more. My dad bought it used for me for band but I rarely played it outside of that and now I've dropped band. It was recently repaired for a missing screw and I believe all the pads were replaced when it was repaired.

It has a few dents on the mouth piece but they were on it when I bought it. I just spent about an hour cleaning it and buffing it with chrome polish... It looks great!

Please just tell me what this may be worth... I don't mind if I have to sell it cheaper than what I bought it for... I just don't need it any more.


The flash on my camera makes it look awful and scratched... It looks a hundred times better in person!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Hello SiS.

    What you have is the basic beginner student model Armstrong flute which might sell for $350.00 if it were in perfect playing and perfect looking condition.

    Dings and dents in a flute depreciate the instrument WAY down... because parents needing to buy a nice used instrument for their student evaluate the instrument by the way it looks. If an instrument looks banged up... it probably was not taken good care of and is probably not in very good playing condition either ... according to their concept. Put yourself in their place and think whether you would spend $300-$350 on a banged up flute.

    If you are wanting to sell the flute, I suggest you sell it as a marching flute.... which high school students are looking for to spare their concert flute from damage caused by everyday marching abuse. You should be able get $150.00 plus or minus by advertising it as a marching flute. Put up signs in the high school band halls or check with the band directors. - might even try Craigs List. Org in or near your city.

    Now.... if you want to get more money for your flute.... you can take it in to the repair shop and get the dings and dents professionally removed. This may cost $30.00 but might bring you a bit more when parents come to look it over.

    Hope that answered your question adequately.

    Source(s): Instructor of Flute Studies.
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    I am a professional flutist and certified teacher since 1971. The flute you have is not a model that most people would put at the top of their list to recommend to students. You said that you do not mind getting less that what was paid for it, and I have a good idea. If you DONATE this to your local school district, you can take a tax write-off for the FULL market value. You can do this yourself - contact a school band director. With budget cuts, etc. there is some child who would LOVE to play this instrument, and cannot and cannot afford to buy or even rent one, and the school does not have one to lend them. As a public school teacher for over 30 years, I brokered MANY arrangements like this - people who wanted to make a donation, but wanted to MAKE SURE that child benefited - so my principal trusted me to take that donation and stretch it into the purchase of good used instruments, or negotiate the donation of instruments. You have a chance to make a VERY few dollars - and I mean VERY few - or get a tax credit and change a child's life. I for one do not believe in most of the tax credits that our politicians are talking about - but THIS one is for real. And I know for CERTAIN what school music programs need. Please consider this. A few dollars might make you feel good for a short time. This donation will make you feel good for a very LONG time.

  • I want to say that it will go for around 100bucks, since it is used and was used when you bought it, so it's like double used--so it's probably somewhat old, right? Not like 30 years, but at least 5 years. So the price kind of goes down each year.

    But because of the dents it bring the price down even more, so I want to say around 100dollars.

    Hope that helps and good luck selling.

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    Where do you intend to sell it? Place makes a big difference when you are selling something. For example, I live in Oklahoma which has the lowest cost of living in the country. I would say about $175 for around here or around $300 for some place like Dallas.

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