Does it matter to you if a politician uses their power to get what they want for their own personal reasons?

Just came across this article, and I do not like what I am reading. What do you all think? Democrats, Republicans, and Independents- if these things keep adding up, what will be your reaction?

Here is the article

Don't you want to be treated the same way?

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    1 decade ago
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    Congressman Ted Stevens of Alaska conceals gifts and favors.

    This is just one of many investigations that have occurred in both the Senate and Congress. Truth be told, ALL of the politicians could be and should be investigated for corruption. It's so rampant in washington that it has become acceptable. Acceptable not only to the politicians but to the american people as well. There really isn't anything we the people can do about it since we live under communist rule but call it by a different name, democracy. Yes it matters to me, and it should matter to all of us, but it seem a lot of people don't seem to care. Sad.

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