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does anyone know how to post a link on yahoo answers?

thank you

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    It's called copy and paste!

    Open a new tab, got to the website that you would like to post on yahoo answers. When you get to the website go up to your browser and right click on it to copy it. After you click on copy go back to the post on yahoo answers and right click again on your answer area and then click paste. It's really very simple after you do it once.

    If you want to copy a specific phrase or paragraph you can go to the second link below for more info.

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    You should be able to just type the web address and it will turn into a link by itself.

    Make sure you include the http:// and for best results leave a space at the beginning and end of the address.

  • Anonymous
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    Just copy paste any link into the answers or add http:// to any domain name and end it with a / .



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    You mean like this?

    Just type it how you always would...

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