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Why are people from the Philippines called Filipinos?

What's with the change in spelling?

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    we live here, it is you who spell the name wrong.

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    The Philippines was actually named 'Las Islas Filipinas' by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos after King Philip II of Spain because the Spaniards conquered the Philippines. In our mother tongue, our country's name is Pilipinas whereas Philippines is just the country's english name. As to why we're called Filipinos instead of 'Philipinos', originally a person from the Philippines was called 'Pilipino' in general and 'Pilipina' for a lady in particular. This was the case when the Philippines still used the old Pilipino alphabet where there's no 'F' in the alphabet. But eversince we started using a new Philippine alphabet system which included some of the English letters such as 'F, V, W,' and a lot more, Philippine people in general were already called 'Filipinos' and 'Filipinas' for ladies in particular.

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    People Of The Philippines

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    Why are people from the Philippines called Filipinos?

    What's with the change in spelling?

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    It is due to the fact that the Phillippines was once a Spanish colony. . When the Philippines was a Spanish colony, they called it the 'Islas Filipinas'. The Americans changed it to the English Philippine Islands or Philippines, but the Spanish term for one of the people from there stuck. Tagalog doesn't have an f except in borrowed words (similarly with j in Welsh), so the name became Pilipinas when the independent nation really got going and adopted the formerly regional Tagalog as a national language. However, there are plans (and have been since 1973) to create a new national language based on most of the major languages spoken there. This sort of thing doesn't normally work, so the name chosen for the new language will probably get transferred to Tagalog. Guess what it is? Filipino.

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    Filipino is derived from the Spanish name of the Philippines: Islas Filipinas. The Philippines is a former Spanish colony.

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    The Philippines is named after Prince Philipp of Spain and the Spanish word for Philip is Felipe.

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    the term "Filipino" is actually of Spanish origin and not in anyway rooted itself from the english name Philippines. Since the name of the Philippines was 'Las Islas Filipinas', Philippine-born spaniards were called 'Filipinos'; meaning, they were born from these islands. During the colonial times, this term is only exclusive to the insulares/criollos and filipino mestizos; but in modern times, filipinos adapted this concept, which is anyone born from these islands is a Filipino, and the term 'filipino' made its way to the english language. So that's why it's not spelled as 'Philipino' because the term did not come from the renamed english name Philippines.

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    Filipinos came from Spanish Word...

    Because they don't use the Letter P...

    Pilipino came from the Real Pinoy...

    We need to be unique to others...

    If you notice, some Spanish Words, are still same as Tagalog...

    The only thing the are still the same is...

    Peso to Peso...

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    it never changed because the original name of the philippines was "las islas filipinas." the term 'filipino' and 'filipina' retained it's original spelling even after american period.

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