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Did my therapist have a right..please helpp?

OK im 16 and i see a therapist for OCD...well i told her i recently went on a diet to lose weight.And while i prob was not eating enough i was not starving myself.Shes demanded i eat something.She had this like fruit bar thing with her.and she told me if i did not eat it she would call my doctor and tell him she thinks i have a eating disorder.she said she had a right to do it b/c i was under i was basicly forced to eat it..I dont have a eating disorder

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    The fact is..she really didn't force you she gave u a choice..u either eat or i call your doctor.

    If i where you i would have not eaten... lol shes winning

    But she sounds like she cares about you

    But its not like she physically forced you to eat

    that would have been illegal

    She just kinda threated you

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    First of all, I have never seen you and don't know how thin you are. Second, I was not there in the therapist's office to see what exactly happened. All of this makes it difficult to offer a reasonable opinion.

    However, I don't think it was right for the therapist to force you to eat the fruit bar and say she would call your doctor if you didn't.

    You wrote that you started a diet to lose weight, and then you wrote you were probably not eating enough. It does sound to me like you should see an MD for a regular checkup. If the doctor thinks it it necessary, he/she might refer you to a psychiatrist because there are medications that can help OCD. I have been on meds for major depression, and I know they can sometimes help. Although, at 16, it may be too early for you to consider medication. This is for your doctor to decide.

    I think your therapist was wrong, but seeing a doctor may not be a good idea for your own sake. I wish you the very best.

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    it sounds to me like your therapist was concerned for your health and probably wanted to scare you in to thinking about what you are doing to your body. As you have said you are probably not eating enough maybe your appearance has changed and the weight loss shocked your therapist. Also if you do have an eating disorder you might not know you have so saying you dont doesnt necessarily mean you dont.

    Try talking to your therapist and ask why this happened.

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    You should have asked her to tell your doctor. After all, doctors know all about how many calories you need to maintain a healthy weight and if it is a psychiatrist they will also know if your eating habit are psychologically healthy. Your therapist can do what she did, she has a right, but you should get an informed opinion if you want to be healthy.

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    do what you think is right therapist are not scientists. I find that it is insane that someone would go to a therapist but would go to a doctor if they were having a heart attack. would you go to a therapist. then why would it be any different with mental health. Get out of the therapist go see a Mental Health psychiatrist not a psychologist. Get mental help not therapy I think psychology is voodoo science

    see a docter not a therapist

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    Whats the big deal you got a free fruit bar.

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    I would not allow anyone to force feed me anything.

    Tell your parents.

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