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Tried to get pregnant, but...?

Since January of 2007 - July of 2008 I had the Mirena IUD. I had my period right before I had it taken out and then I had another period 2 days later! It was crazy. Anyway, I went on the pill and I went off it last month, because my husband and I are trying to have another baby.

My question is... because of the Mirena and the birth control pill, could it be hard for me to get pregnant? Also, before I had the Mirena IUD I had a 30 day cycle. I was not on any kind of birth control before Mirena. Now I have a 28 day cycle. Is it possible that since I'm not on birth control my body will go back to a 30 day cycle?

Sorry for all the questions. Please help! Thanks.

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    It really really depends. Some people get pregnant straight away, and other people can take a while. It all depends on how your body takes to the changes. I have heard of women coming off the Pill that are super fertile for a while afterwards, and others that do not ovulate for a while. It is recommended by doctors that you wait 3 months after coming off birth control before trying to have a baby - this is to make sure that it is all out of your system and your body has been given time to get back to normal. I did not listen to this and became pregnant very quickly after coming off the Pill - I miscarried that pregnancy and have always wondered if one of the reasons for that was that I hadn't given my body enough time to get the Pill out of my system and return back to normal.

    If your periods were 30 days before, they should go back to normal - although it might take a while as your body would be getting everything out of your system. However, other factors may influence the length of your cycle - such as general body changes, but you should find that you go back to a 30 day cycle.

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    Easy question first: Yes, your body could go back to the 30 day cycle. More complicated question: Well, here's my experience. Was on the Depo shot for 6 years, which is supposed to make it hard to get pregnant. So I went off the Depo and onto the Pill to get the Depo effects out of my system, and get ready to get pregnant. Three months into taking the Pill, I got pregnant while on the Pill. Now, a few years later, we decided to try for number two after 6 months of Depo and 3 months of the Pill, and I am still not pregnant after 9 months of not being on any BC. So I guess it totally depends. I have never specifically done Mirena though.

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    Hi, yes when you are not taking birth control your body will revert back to it's natural cylce so you could go back to a 30 day cylce. The doctor told me it will take a couple of months for your body to get back to normal after taking the pill, anywhere from 2-6months. But that does not mean you can not fall pregnant before then, I have many friends who have falled pregnant very soon after stopping the pill so it all depends on each individual. good luck!

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    Birth control messes with your reproduction system and can make it harder to conceive yes, but things might fall back into place after a little bit. Because of you being on birth control I would talk to your doctor about how it will affect you having another child. It may not affect it at all but it would be good to check to be on the safe side.

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    after being on any kind of birth control it can take a few months to get everything back to normal so you can get pregnant so if it didn't happen thins month give it a few and most likely you will.

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    it could but normally it will stay the same. it might take your body to re adjust a month or two but you should not have a problem getting pregnant. good luck and baby dust your way

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