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Why are Republicans religious?

How come being economically liberal (in the classical sense) always has to go with being socially conservative?

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    I don't think republicans are particularly religious. The democrats

    usually had big labor in their camp and that is a large block

    The republicans needed a large constituency also and the

    religious groups were wooed. They are all splinter groups on both sides and they have to be brought together and managed

    as best the spin Dr's. can do it.

    Politicians are not so much liberal or conservative as they are

    pragmatic. Most care about Power, prestige, wealth, pension

    and reelection for themselves. If they should happen to agree on

    something that is helpful for the country, that is a bi-product.

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    It's a political spectrum thing. The right usually draws from the economy of the world, which includes religion.

    And it doesn't in repsonse to you details. No way no how. Like I've said before

    Americans who claim to be liberal aren't because of economics

    Americans who claim to be conservative aren't liberals because of social issues.

    Mainstream america doesn't know the meaning of classical liberal. They just hear the end word. Liberal.

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    Most religious people become Republicans. That does NOT mean that most Republicans are religious.

    My boyfriend is very Republican & most of his friends are too. And only very few of them are religious. Neither of us are religious.


    But why do most religious people gravitate towards the Republican party? Because the Dems started supporting gay marriage, abortions & stuff like that.

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    Speak for you self, I don't owe no change to no pope or no liver lipped basta4d who works the sunday tv stations, its about honor and country, period

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    I'm republican but not religious. I think your terms are backwards.

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    Their not, its just a way of pulling in more votes. They use it as a cover to appear that they have morals.

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    It doesn't. That is just a common stereotype/misperception.

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    why are dems religious? why are some reps not?????? ummmmmm........... :0

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