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Was Enron a drop in the bucket compared to what DC and Wall Street just pulled in front of our very eyes?


Liberal ***Kicker (below) When I see you support people who just robbed you simply because they are a Republican displays why we all were so easy to rob.

Peolple like you are the problem.

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    They could never have done it without Dodd and Frank.

    How Obama was involved, we don't yet know.

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    YOU Think THIS was a big deal?????? WAIT TIL NEXT WEEK or next month. There are BIGGER bailouts coming up. And I'm still waiting to see if Bush will pull his dictator card next Sunday as rumored to stem the Economic Crisis and impose martial law until his Genius Mind can find the solution. Like the same way he CAUSED this whole crisis?

    When are we going to impeach that SOB?



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    Absolutely. Whoooops, they did it again. Let them go free and they will do it again.

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