should i care about what my family thinks?

when i was 6 months my mom sent me to peru with my aunt till i was 4 yrsold. (btw she kept my sis which was 6 at the time). she blamed my dad because he kept pushing her to do it because she was getting her citizenship and was working.

basically i was bounced around for many yrs including my teenage yrs which everytime lasted for almost 2 yrs. ive been to peru 5xs and stayed there without my family for almost 2yrs. my mom always treated my older and younger brother diffrently than me,like she loves them more.

anyways i have a 4 month old son and living with my 33 yr old bf and his mom. me and my bf dont get along like we used to,hes always ignoring me, calling me names,hes so jelouse, he hates seeing me happy all he wants is for me to stay home. w've been together for 4yrs ever since i was 17.i dont think he wants to marry me although he say later on which feels really like an excuse. i feel defeated when im with him and want t leave him. i went to the woman shelter 1x with my son and it was so hard for me, because the responsibility was so much that i came back.

i feel like my son is better off with his grama and dad for the mean time till iget my liscense,job,place.

i want to get back with my ex, he makes me feel so alive and hes so smart, he wants to marry me , get me a car, he wants me to go to school, he wants the best for me, he says later on we can get my son back from his dad once i have all that..the thing is that my ex lives in anather state.

i want to leave so badbut im ashame what my famil may think, i mean my mom has done it to me so why should i care what they think.

should i care? plus shs not like a motherly person, she doesnt know me a daughter rather than someone that she gave birth to even thugh she trys to hide it.

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  • Angela
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    1 decade ago
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    You know what is best for your own son. Don't worry too much about what other people think about it. Heck, maybe he will grown up to campaign for President of the United States.

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    first thing you need to ask yourself is why is your ex, the EX? what did he do? what happened? surely you know that if you return to this man, things will be the same as they once were, and probably after a short period of time.

    the situation you're in now isn't that great, at all.

    i do not think you should dump your son onto his grandmother -- you were jostled around like a sack of potatoes when you were growing up, and you didn't like it. Why would you put a child through this? It wasn't a good way of life for you, and would never be for your child. Children usually need their mother. Period.

    You really need to find some direction... are you going back to your ex for security and to see if his promises are real or empty?

    Don't leave your child with someone! There are resources for help -- assistance with food, and medical. Do what you have to in order to make a better life for yourself. If going back to your ex would be dangerous, don't do it.

    Can't you get a job and save money to move out on your own?

    I hope things work out. Maybe you can talk with social services to see what sort of help might be available?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    do whats best for your kid.

    dont be stupid, dont jump from guy to guy.

    you have a family.. and you dont want your kid to get raised with different fathers. do you? raise your kid right, and youll be proud of what you done. if you still want to whore aroundd.. i think it was a bad idea to have a kid in the first place. just be careful.. reproducing is a special thing, and it would be nice if you lived with the father of your child. remeber when you felt left out when you were younger? it didnt feeel to great to be bounced around. so dont do it to your son.

    goood luckk

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am doing something like that right now. But I think you shouldn't leave your son. It is harder to get them back than to take him with you.

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