I believe in God, but I don't have any faith. Am I wrong?

I have pretty much always believed in the existence of God and his son Jesus Christ. In my life time, I've gone to churches of several denominations and have tried oh, so many times to establish a relationship with the lord. My life has been crap since I was just a little girl. I witnessed my mothers murder and my step father commit suicide. When I pray to the lord to ease my pain or increase my faith, he ignores me. God has never really answered any of my prayers and the more I try to rely and depend on him, the worse my life seems to get. Beside the ugly childhood, 2008 has been the absolute worse for me. I've attempted suicide twice. I'm nearly 30 years old and I don't have anything in life, not even direction. Maybe suicide is my destiny. Should I just give up on trusting in god? It's like, he doesn't have a plan or purpose for me. Is it wrong for me to give up my faith in him? Even when it seems he doesn't care about me?

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    Yes It's wrong to give up faith!

    Never give up faith.. Trust me when faith is broken, then you have the real problem...

    Remember that God is watching over you and he loves you! He knows how much you've suffered, your mom is probably up there with God right now and she is watching over you and she knows your strong!

    Stay strong, life is unfair, but not eternal life..

    God put us on this earth to test our faith in him, to see if we will give up... Always look on the positive side, there is a positive to everything! God cares about you just like he cares about everyone else.. Bad things happen to good people, they do.. But never give up..

    Didn't you hear about the story of the man who had a miserable experience his entire life? He serves as a soldier in WWI, lost both of his legs and lost his eye sight.. A few years before he died, he said he saw a dream, he saw my and his prophet Mohammad in that dream and he thanked him for keeping his faith in God for the last what? 80 YEARS! And he got his eye sight back! He got to see the beautiful part of the world in his last years! That man inspires me, that man is one of the main reasons why I believe in God! And I think you should too and if you give up, I'll FORCE you to stand up on your feet and continue :P !

    God has a plan for you, and sometimes for that plan to be, you must go through the hardships, but you will one day experience the positive side of life, even though you might not realize it, but trust me honey God loves you and he is waiting for you to one day join your mother and him in heaven :)

    Source(s): Islam P.S. I've reached my daily limit so bye :)
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    I really don't think that suicide is your destiny - that's silly. Your life is important and meaningful even if you can't see that right now. Maybe you need to see a psychologist?

    Also, just because you believe in God doesn't mean that you need to belong to a particular denomination. You're allowed to formulate your own beliefs.

    And you shouldn't be trying to rely on God to help you. They say that the lord helps those who help themselves. If you're praying then you're not out there doing things to improve your life.

    I know you've been through some terrible things and they're not easy things to get past, but you can do it, and you can find direction in your life. I'm sure that God will help you if you believe in him, and even if you don't.

    I wish I could say something powerful here that would make you see just how wonderful you are and life is, but my words seem inadequate, and I don't know how I can reveal to you the true beauty of life.

    Best of luck, and blessed be.


    Can I also just say, I think it's wrong of people to be telling you that God isn't real when you've already said that you believe in him. There is NOTHING wrong with believing in a higher power. Even if you feel that he's been letting you down lately, you haven't stopped believing, have you? If you believe in God then he will always be there for you no matter what anyone else says.

    And for the record, I'm not a Christian of any sort, so don't misinterpret this for evangelism or anything.

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    Sis, I really hope you're o.k.! Your questions saddens me! Here's a big hug from me to you... ( )

    Don't lose faith. Yes, I too believe in destiny, but also that much of the negative we go through is what prepares us for what's to come. There are lessons to be learned! Perhaps you are going through a lengthy test?! We all have wounds, but most often they remain hidden. Don't let people's facades fool you! We all struggle. For me: Parent's divorce, molestation, domestic violence, etc. But I'm still me! :)

    Now for you, I of course don't have a "perfect" answer. Please keep seeking Him. If you have a Bible or Quran... read on Job (peace be upon him). The trials he went through! God doesn't always answer when, and in the way WE want, but the answer will come.

    I grew up JW, but also went through Baptist, Church of God in Christ, Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventist, etc... Then I picked up a Quran at Barnes and Noble and it was like I had finally found the truth. Please Consider the scriptures below. (Sorry, I'm real rusty on my scripture memorization. But I'm sure you can find similar themes in the Bible).

    You were planned!

    Quran 23: 14 Then We fashioned the sprem into an embryo, then fashioned the embryo into a shapeless lump of flesh; then from the lump of flesh we fashioned bones, then clothed the bones with flesh. Thus we formed him into a new creation.

    Don't give up!

    Quran 22:10 There are some men who worship God only from the margin. If there is some profit they are content; but if calamity befalls them they turn about, thus losing both this world and the next.

    You believe in Jesus (peace be upon him) so you also have a glimpse of the trials he went through. You have you, you have God. All the rest of the stuff in this world can't be taken with you - not even our relationships.

    On a practial note, and it's hard to do when we're down, but volunteering at a homeless shelter or food bank can do wonders for the heart. And, make a new plan- you said you don't have "anything" at 30.. what do you 'think' you're supposed to have? Maybe a little shift in thinking can help put you on the right track. :) Make a new definition for your success!

    Keep praying Sister! And I'll say a prayer for you too!

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    It is not uncommon to believe in God and have little faith. When I was younger I often wondered myself how God could allow a child to endure the things that I had. No they wasn't as devastating as yours but nevertheless they were things that no child should endure. I always believed in God but laid my faith upon myself. I now at 33 lay my faith on God. I have prayed and asked for understanding and it was revealed to me. I went through my horrors so that I could help others that have encounter the same things as I once did. You say that you believe in God, have you asked Jesus Christ into your heart? Have you asked for forgiveness of your sins? If not do so. If you have then don't forget that God will not take you where he can not protect you. I prayed for years for God to give me patience and it seemed like every time I looked up I was being tried. I asked a pastor why was it that the more I prayed the worse things got? He answered with a smile, Are you more patient than you used to be? I of course said yes. He then replied STOP praying for patience! The only way to receive patience is to go through things that would test your patience!! Since then I have never prayed for patience! It may be that you just need to find out how to pray! I will look in a book of how to pray and get back with you tomorrow.

    If you think that we have it bad read the book of Job, now he had problems that make ours seem so petty. The best of luck to you and faith comes from within. God doesn't make mistakes therefor you are here for a reason and that makes you a very important person!!!! My prayers are with you!!!

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    With all you have seen , all the situations you've been exposed to and lived thru,how can you say that he doesn't care about you, you are still here!! Praise God!!

    I will give you suggestions, it is up to you to go forth from there.

    Once you get healed you will be a mighty warrior for The Lord!! Find a Bible believing book store, you will want to talk to someone that truly walks with The Lord. Explain your situation just like you did here, you need to have prayer support and accountability. As stated, you need to be "born again", accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The next step is to find a solid, reputable deliverance ministry, I'm serious. In the last year I've walked thru this myself. Until I seen the manifestation of one, I really had a hard time totally understanding what was going on. Young lady, the spirit world is VERY real. Don't play around, seek help immediately.

    Father God, I lift up to you your precious daughter, hold her close, let her feel your love and compassion,guide her feet to the proper people to help her draw to you, guide and comfort, and support her in this time of need. Thank you Father. In Jesus Name. Amen

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    What you are going through is exactly what some of the saints went through. It is called the "Dark Night of the Soul." St. John of the Cross wrote a whole book on it. Don't worry, the Dark Night is what all Christians experience when we pray and pray and pray and God doesn't seem to answrer us, but it is at this time when we should never cease praying and conversing with God. It is a test of Faith that God gives us so that we may rise from the darkness and become stronger in the Light of Faith.

    You are carrying the Cross of Christ right now and it is heavy and it hurts like heck, but do not give up!!! You should watch the movie "The Passion of the Christ." It changed my life in so many ways, because it helps you to relate your pain with Jesus' pain. It was all out of love that He suffered and died for us so that we might not suffer but have life in this world and in the next.

    The best way to establish a relationship with God is through prayer and trying to see God in the people around you. One of the major things I have learned is that God shows His love through others. Is there a group of people you are interested in joining, maybe at your local church?

    Don't ever forget that God will never stop loving you!!! You are blessed because God loves you and He will give you strength to undergo your suffering and trials if you ask Him. God bless!

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    I've found that when I pray I ask for forgiveness for my transgressions first, then strength and guidance so I can help myself and make my own decisions. Most important ask in Jesus' name. And I can give direction. Look forward. Drop your heavy load. Why are you carrying something that serves no purpose? You have to empower yourself. Why don't you visit some elderly people and get their "take" on life? You might find God living within one of those old geezers. Suicide is not a destiny, it's a cop-out.

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    How can you believe that God exist, but don't have faith that He is there? Faith is believing. Maybe you haven't believe in Him, but you are searching if He is there. Read the bible to learn more about

    God and His will and about Jesus and why He died for us. Trust in those words. Confess all your sins to God, repent of them if you are serious, and tell Him you want Him to take His place as Lord over your life. You must believe that He has sent His only Son to die for you.

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    Jesus loves you very much. He loved each one of us enough to die for us. There are very strong anti-spiritual forces going on to hinder our faith and to disrupt us and to discourage us and keep us from finding life and truth. The god of this world is the devil. But God is stronger than the devil. So in order to overcome your situation, you need to pray more believing and searching more for the answers. If we search for him with all our hearts we find him.

    I'm glad you came in here to talk and I truly will be praying for you. You are important and some day I believe you'll have a wonderful testimony. No matter how deep our problems are Jesus can go deeper to bring us up out of the mire.

    He promises to walk with us through the fire and through the floods.

    Read Isaiah 43 and 54, 55. His word goes forth and does not return void.

    It take a long time for faith to grow most of the time. You can take some leaps of faith though and get stronger quicker.

    For a church, I recommend Pentecostal (Assembly of God, or United Pentecostal or Four-Square). There are other good ones, but pray before you go believing God will guide you.

    Read Psalm 32 through. He will guide you. He will guide you with his eye and be a wall of fire around you (Zech). So start reading and memorizing the promises. Psalm 91---memorize and Luke 10:19, and many others. They are for you. Jesus DOES love you.

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    My.. your life is tragic..

    But I do not think suicide is the solution..

    Like you, I believe in God's existence.. But I do not believe some of His teachings.. Another problem is, I do not really trust His ability to enforce these rules effectively. I just do not get it. Bad things happen to good people.. Bad people get a second crack at life.. It is pathetic.. Am I wrong. I DO NOT THINK SO. NEITHER ARE YOU.

    As I grew up, I have made one creed that I intend to believe for the rest of my life:


    Being all-powerful does not equate with love, peace, justice, and mercy..

    Still, suicide is not the solution.. We will carry on. We will not give up.. We will find the light.

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