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What is this French expression: (dounds like) doo-nue maw.?

I was watching this video on the web, where the fellow is describing how a newspaper article has been fabricated, false 'from it's inception to it's dinieu mau' ... I don't know. Does anyone have an idea?

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    The word you are looking for is "denouement" with an accent on the first E.

    "Denouement" means "conclusion".

    P.S. Sorry for asking but how did you understand the video if you couldn't even figure that word out?

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    Velvet Rose is correct - it means final outcome or resolution and is usually used to talk about the end of a story or film, especially a mystery or thriller.

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    Give me or give me

    pls check my sources for other word translation

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    It's written "Donnez-moi or donne-moi" "Give me" is the English reanslation.

    Source(s): I'm very fluent in French! I speak it, write and read it
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