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which sport should i pick?

im a junior in high school and i play for both the basketball team and the baseball team. I love basketball and started last year on jv and should make varsity now i really have no problems with that except the fact that im 5'11 and no colleges are even talking to me and i also probably will never start on varsity even when i play my senior year. Now baseball ive started both years ive between the two years ive had a .341 batting average hit 3rd in the linuep almost everygame and have had 5 total errors throughout the 2 years. Now ive gotten letters from some Division 1 coaches but its just for camps and showcases. Also the varsity coach hates me because apparently i goof around too much in school and practice and i miss winter workouts for basketball. Also last year he brought up 7 of the 9 sophmores on jv to varsity(even the kids hitting .200) and didnt bring me up. Now i dont know if i should try to play both or just focus on one. if you have any suggestions please let me know. i just really need help.

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    Well, for baseball i kinda have the same problem, except that i never played for the school(but i tried out). I would ask the coaches what i need to improve and they said nothing(so why dont pick me if i do that good). Anyways, since your varsity coach hates you i dont think you should waste your time playing if the coaches cant upgrade you.

    Then for basketball, i think you would have a better chance in making it to college if you keep playing. Also you might grow a little more.

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    bsktball, its more physical, cardiomuscular sport

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