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What is the best ultimate boot disk - freeware preferred?

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    You can find some excellent free boot disks at bootdisk.com. Otherwise, for Windows systems, the XP disc is useful for both XP and Vista, while a Windows 98 CD is useful on Windows 95, 98, ME, and 2000. Otherwise, several Linux distros have LiveCDs that contain useful tools on them.

    There are three CDs I take with me when I make tech support housecalls: an XP CD, the GParted LiveCD which is a partition editor, and the Emergency Boot CD (EBCD) which can be used to lock/unlock Windows accounts along with dozens of other useful tools.

    XP CD most people have or you can buy these for cheap nowadays.

    GParted LiveCD can be downloaded and read about here: gparted.sourceforge.net

    EBCD is no longer free, but the old version can still be downlowded here: http://www.simtel.net/product.download.mirrors.php... or you can buy the new one from prime-expert.com/ebcd/ for $30.

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    hirems bootcd


    ubcd for windows

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