Underarm sweat problem...?

Every single time i wear a shirt, the underarms smell like sweat every time i take the shirt off...Even when the weather is cold and I don't sweat, my underarms still smell like sweat. I use an antiperspirant roll-on, and I shave off all of my armpit hairs whenever they get a little long. Just today I wore a button-down shirt with a long-sleeve shirt over it. I only wore them for 5 hours and the sun was not out during these 5 hours, and the weather was cool. At no point did I feel like I was sweating. Now after taking the top off, both shirts have the smell of sweat in the underarm area. What should I do? THis is really annoying me...


High blood sugar does run in my family...but it tends to become a problem in old age...im only 18 so i highly doubt that i do have high blood glucose... is the secret clinical strength available for men?

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    First of all, make sure you are healthy! Shower with a soap containing a strong antibacterial such as Dial (Our dermatologist suggests plain old Dial white) at least once a day. More often if you work out, have an out door job, etc.. Shave your underarms every day if you can tolerate it without getting razor burn. You might also try a light dusting of cornstarch baby powder. Even though I am against sprays I recommend them in this case. Try Secret Clinical or Arid XXX.

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    I use Certain Dri, it's cheaper than Secret and it works fantastically. It might be bacterial issues make sure you wash really well, with antibacterial soap and apply a smooth coat of the Certain Dri, you need to wait for a bit before you apply it, about an hour.

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    You should probably trying Secret Clinical Strength deodorant.

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    You may have high sugar levels, you should see a doctor.

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    use secret clinical strength. supposed to do wonders.

  • u should go to ur doctor and have them perscribe a really strong deodorent.

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