What about Auckland.?

Hi all! I want to know do you have to watch your back living in auckland? Can you absolutely rely on public transport? What do you feel about living in auckland, is it too spaced out? Is walking around convenient?

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    1 decade ago
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    You would'nt walk most places as tings are quiet spaced out.

    Auckland is safe however compared to other places globally which is a plus.

    Although you can use the public transport as some have pointed out above, it is not as regular as other places such as Melbourne and Singapore. However you will get by using the busses/trains/ferries. I always use the public transport in Auckland to get places I want to go.

    I do suggest having a car handy as well. It may be an idea to use the car when you are out working at night or early mornings for example as the transport system reduces frequencies during the later evening. Also having a car is great should you need to nip out to the supermarket and put your groceries in the boot.

    As for going to work, leave your car at home and use the transport services if you work during normal hours of the day. Saves petrol and its not too bad either

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    I live in Auckland and i think that public transport is good especially if you don't live too far from the city, you can catch a bus basically anywhere. At night there is a few buses that go anywhere you want in Auckland, it drops you off right by your house, these services are between 1 and 3 am.

    Living within the city is preferable as you can walk to most of the destinations and it is quiet same, i walked at night in Auckland and i find it safe.

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    1 decade ago

    Public transport is pretty good. Here's the break-up:


    Generally on-time and reliable. Occasionally, late or delayed / cancelled. (Cancellations VERY rare.) (www.veoliatransport.co.nz)


    Slow, but generally on-time.


    First class. On-time with good facilities. (www.fullers.co.nz)

    Just go somewhere on a rail line, or a quality bus corridor. Or live in Devonport or Lower Beach Haven / or even Whangaporoa / Half Moon Bay and get to the city by First Class ferry.

    For public transport info in Auckland, go to www.maxx.co.nz or call

    64 9 366 6400.

    Walking is not too bad, but Auckland is a very vibrant place to live. Has the Buzz, but not overdoing it.

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    I'm staying in Melbourne now so I should say that public transport in Melbounrs is better and more convenient.

    If you lived out of the city, it's not so easy to go to the city witout ur own car.

    When I was in Auckland, I lived out of the city and far from the train station but luckily my cousin got a car.

    I reckon, Auckland is quite safe and people there are friendly.

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    1 decade ago

    I think you should watch your back wherever you go. Even though Auckland is much safer than a lot of other cities around the globe.

    Public transport is ok but not so frequent as we wish.

    Auckland is a beautiful city.

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    Auckland is a beautiful city,though i would never live there again.

    as for watching your back you have to do that no matter where in the world you go.though if your not used to living in the city then you had best be prepared for the fact that everything if fast paced.

    public transport,well,that would be alot easier though in saying that owning a car wouldn't hurt either.

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    1 decade ago

    Does Ria Vandervis Still lives there or she lives in the States now let me know Mate

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    1 decade ago

    i will never live in auckland. not my kinda city. crowded and high crime rate

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