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I am going for a inter veiw tommorow the manger called me and said on my voicemail the intereiw was for the geek squad and told me to call someone else because he was going to be gone so i called and the person he told me to contact was not avalible so someone else called me back and told me the interveiw was for floor sales so i was wondering if it would be inpolite to ask what position the interveiw is for before we start the interveiw bwecause i dont want to be on the sales floor so is there a polite way to ask before the interveiw or should i wait till the end i just dont want to go through the interveiw for no reason thanks in advanced

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  • 1 decade ago
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    just phone them and ask if there any other positions for you to go in and if there are not then just stick with that job or find a new place to work!

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    i would firstly fix your spelling before you want to know that answer!

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