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im an 18 year old female and lately my legs have been aching. i am 40-45 pound over weight. lately i haven't ?

lately i havent really been leaving the house..i usually just stay home during the week. i wake up at 10 or later and i go online and then i'll watch tv clean a little and wait for my parents to come home and then i eat dinner and then watch more tv or go back online.i usually only do things on the weekend and when im busy and out my legs dont bother me..is this a mind over matter thing? am i making myself worry and therefore ache?

please help im really scared

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    Well you really NEED to start getting out.

    being stuck in is no good for you physically,mentally or socially.

    you definitaley need to start getting out, whether its a walk, bike ride, swim, or even out with friends for the day. Just keep yourself busy. Maybe join a sports team, being over weight at such a young age is not good. You have your whole life to live and you will be aching all the time if you dont do something about it. Its not too late to make a change. Get Out Thereee! and socialise. These years are supposed to be the best years of your life. So dont waste it. You only live once.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    youre just really in bad shape.

    you need to ge out of the house and do something

    all the extra pounds is aching ur legs.

  • jen w
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    1 decade ago

    whoa, I thought I was lazy. I know, if I sit to long like when travelling, my knee starts to tighten up but I have pins and a plate in it. just from reading this, you will be 80 pounds overweight by next year.

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    your weight is putting stress on your bones & joints...you need to start exercising, cutting out the carbs (go high-protein) and lift a bit of weights or try something to build muscle...the pounds will melt off! good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try to keep urself active.

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