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Is the United States going broke? Are you pissed off for being lied to by our so called leaders?

With this 700 billion dollar bailout of wall street and corporate criminals receiving golden parachutes where their feet never touch the ground, do you feel WE THE PEOPLE are being lied to as our national debt approaches 11 trillion dollars? Do you feel as an American that something is seriously wrong? To me McCain and Obama are lying and they know that we cant keep printing paper money forever. What gives? Isnt this supposed to be our country? If you have watched the news networks and the internet in the past 48 hours, something big is going down with our financial system as WE THE PEOPLE are being kept in the dark. I ask you IS THE UNITED STATES GOING BROKE? ARE YOU PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS? Our forefathers would be turn over in their graves if they saw what these so called politicians are doing to the people! Most of us cant even afford to keep a full tank of gas in our car and we are getting shafted while these millionare politicians act like they give a shi*. How can McCain and Obama seriously expect us to believe that they know what WE THE PEOPLE are feeling when they are multi millionares themselves? Is it just me or are we fixing to go broke? Seems to me that Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul seem to make the most sense to me out of them all. Folks we better wake up and do something. Go to youtube and listen to what these lying leaders are saying about this 700 billion dollar bail out which is probably a lot more than that. From what they are saying, my great grandchildren will be paying on just the interest alone that these two parties are the cause of. Seems like the only time these 2 parties work together or become bipartisan is when someone threatens their 'little kingdoms'. When is enough going to be enough? I am neither Democrat or Republican and I am ashamed of what they are doing to our country! Listen to what Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura are saying. I believe them folks. I am an optimist by nature but something is wrong with this picture. Doing nothing is the worst thing possible. Arent you pissed off? I sure am. -Sincerely, an average American struggling to just survive.

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    yes, i'm extremely pissed off!!!! as soon as my husband and I start getting somewhere in life financially (not that we were bad off to begin with, just the struggle of newlyweds with kids) we are ****** in the a$$!! i don't know what's going to happen. but what I see from it is that we need to got back to spending cash, the actual paper! not living beyond our means and living off credit cards. trust me when I say that it's not hard because we have been living off cash since we've been married and we've been fine except for the fact that our work wages cannot provide us with a comfortable living like it used to. We got raises but gas and food has been raised as well so it's been offset, actually the higher prices has driven us to use credit just to afford gas and food when it never used to before and we don't really spend money on crap!!! Credit has put us in the hole (us Americans). Americans are an excessive bunch. I don't see too much of a gloom besides living a simple life (not caring about designer stuff and trying to live like Hollywood stars!) BUT we are f-ed up in that we could possibly not be the number 1 power in the world. Iran has a nuclear program, so does China, now there's news that Venezuela wants to team up with Russia to start a nuclear program. Wtf? it looks like we're headed to disaster! back to more primitive and scary times! i'm not scare mongering, it's only the truth and it has opened up my eyes because I always used to be so optimistic. I fear more for my children than anything. if i could turn back time, i would have decided not to have children (it's sad to say!) but I wish they wouldn't have to see and deal with what we have created for them! I can't say how things would have been if we never invaded Iraq because it could have been one way or another. This is a lot more than just a financial mess, it's WWIII in the waiting....I don't care if US has the best army in the world, when nuclear weapons are in the picture it's just a calling for major catostophre!

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    This whole business of insurance and paper pushing is not a very stable national product. All we do is buy things from other countries but we don't make anything anymore. Once upon a time we used to make cars and other things to sell to other countries but all that is gone now.

    The government is lying about much more than you know about my friend. Just remember the illuminati and secret organizations own the media so they only let you know what they want you to know.

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    We are being robbed. And these criminals are NOT our leaders. They are our public servants. Unfortunately, most of them have been serving special interests, not their constituents.

    The American people have lost sight of the fact that these people work for us. They treat these people as if they were important people. They are our servants. They work for us.

    Why have so many Americans accepted their arrogance? They now dictate to us. This is not what the Founders intended.

    We are loosing our freedom because we have allowed these fools to lie to us, to tell us that they are going to protect us. We just need to sacrifice our freedom. This is just what the people in Germany did seventy years ago.

    Are you ready to give up your freedom and live in a totalitarian state? I'm not, and I intend to fight for my freedom. And the best way to fight is to expose their criminal activity.

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    Elected officials in Washington have no accountability. We should have term limits, we should have the ability to recall those unsatisfactory performing officials and we should be able to impeach as the public. There should be a yearly vote on the competency of each official and if he fails to get a majority vote he goes. For all of you complaining about jobs going overseas keep your complaining going if Obama gets elected. His corporate tax plan is going to send them all overseas. All of you libs are always screaming the loudest but when he's elected and all of your family is living in one house so that all of you together can pay the taxes then I guess you'll be happy. For me I have relatives farming in Brazil. They have invited me to move there. I may do so.

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    The US is not "going broke" it has been broke for months, depending on how you do your sums. You are now printing dollars that in all honesty are worth as much as 'monopoly' money. You have been told what was going on by many economists for the past few years.Almost all these "intellectuals" have been ignored by a president deficient in reality management. America's economic well being has been sustained by Asian money for years. But you thought it was due to your own effort.

    Look around and count the things in your home.How many are imported and how many did you make yourself? Did it not dawn on you that it couldn't last?

    The Chinese tea party is over.

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    Yea man i totally agree with you! our economy is going corrupt and if either mcCain or Obama wins, America is going to hell ! People need to open there eyes out there! Hey and you should research "911 was an inside job" .....I was so mad while watching the debates...THE MEDIA DIDNT LET RON PAUL HAVE ANY PUBLICITY WHAT SO EVER! May god be with us through all these tragities...

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    yeah it really does make me mad when i think about it all. I've got to where i turn the channel when i know something political is coming on. i just try to avoid it all but every once in a while i have to check in just to make sure America will survive another day

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    yes, that is not much we can do with the 12 trillion debt in 2009, but don't worry your children, grand son and daughter and great grand children will help to pay for you.

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    The U.S. is not going broke, she is broke. The money that they are BORROWING is from our future. This huge debt will affect our grandchildrens children. It is so sad that it has come to this because of speculation and greed.

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    i am enfuriated

    scum bag wall street crooks did this

    and the equally crooked slimeball republicans are bailing them out without imprisoning any of them

    all of them are crooks

    billions for rich crooks. not even a few million for the homeless or mentally ill

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