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My husband had hernia surgery back in 05, his scar has healed?

for some reason now, the middle of his scar has bubbled up bright red, and is oozing. It doesn't hurt. Any suggestion?

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    ER. does that sound normal to you? take him to the ER before it gets worse.

  • Tara
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    5 years ago

    I know of 2 of my friends who took Ayurvedic Medicines Hernica & Acidim and got cured of inguinal Hernia. It took about 6 months. They were referred by one of their friends who also got cured. They were advised not to do any exercise, no yoga, no gym, no running, no weight lifting, and these herbal medicines, with some diet suggestions. It really worked

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    i would let a Doc look at it right away

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