life style in US public high school ?

wut is it like??

i never been to us so

just curious :)


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    1 decade ago
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    Lots of drugs, and sex. The smart ones stay away from those people. Dating depends on how the person was raised. Schools have "clicks" of people that are similar group together and often don't let others into their "click". The more mature open-minded ones aren't in "clicks" though, and will welcome you in.

  • 4 years ago

    in accordance with that uniform, decide for public college, why might you % to pass to a catholic college besides? i recommend you lose an optionally available an might desire to take a faith direction, theyre are an excellent number of large electives in extreme scool, dont lose one through fact of religion, and public extreme college tend to get out their extra and be extra in touch contained regionally, catholic colleges consistently look extra seculded. and a public college might have extra variety, you will meet human beings from all categories of familys, cultures religions and socail training. catholic college have much less variety through fact each and every person has extra or much less the comparable existence-type

  • A bunch of sluts trying to hit up some jocks.

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