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My Biceps hurt for days?

lol yea so i was bored and thought "hey why not workout?" so i went and did as many bicep curls( 10 lbs 60 reps lol pretty soft:P) as i could on each arm. my arms hurt for 4 days straight? like i couldnt unbend them and my bicep hurt. lol is this good or bad? it felt like the usual pain i get from working out, but it lasted much longer, and it hurt much more thanks:)


oh also should i continue to do this workout? or should i turn it down a notch? lol thanks:)

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    It's because you did so many reps that it "hurts" for that long. There is a more proper way to work your biceps. If you want to "workout for the ladies" then you should at least lift weights 3 times 10 times each with one minute in between. Basically do 10, wait a minute, 10 more, wait, then the last 10. Also do a weight where when you are at your last rep you could just push enough to get it done. This is pushing your muscle to its best and giving you a good workout. So I think 10 lbs is too light for you.

    Of course I just presented the "noob workout". If you want to go more advanced in this then I highly suggest you visit and read some of the articles there. It really helps.

    Good luck!

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