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what to wear to homecoming?

so i`m a freshman and have never been to homecoming. what do you wear? we had a 7/8th grade formal dance the past 2 years, but is homecoming formal? i heard they usually have themes? i`m really not sure what to expect? hopefully they announce our theme if we have one.. i`m excited but then i am curious about what all goes on. any advice would help. =)

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    well at my school they had a formal homecoming, with a theme but you aren't suposed to dress according to the theme the theme is only like the decorations etc. If i were you i would wear something colorful. Not black or white because everyone wears black and you want ot be noticed, dont you? So wear a colored dress and do your hair cute so that way all eyes will be on you!

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    Some schools' homecoming are formal, some aren't. When homecoming is coming up, I'm positive that there will be posters put up, announcements, and the homecoming assembly would be based on the theme. You could also ask some upperclassmen.

    As far as what to wear, if its formal...wear a cute dress, but dont go all out..its not prom...

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