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could anyone give me a character assessment of Rama in Narayan's "The Martyr's Corner" and theme of story?

i need some points in his character and examples from the story to bring out his character in a four-page essay.

plus, if anyone gave me the theme of the story, it'll be appreciated a lot :)


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    I'm not familiar with that novel, but I do have some other information that might be useful in your essay.

    I just finished reading and writing a series of essays on The Ramayana - a Sanskrit Epic from ages ago. The main character, the hero, is named Rama. Interestingly enough the historic Rama is drastically different from the epic heroes of every other culture (obviously because India was a long way away from most other civilizations writing at the time, with a completely different belief system, but it is interesting to observe), he is noble from the outset with a strong sense of duty and a fierce loyalty to his family and friends.

    You could definitely point out the allusion there, and probably score some decent points with it.

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