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Sore throat and earache for 3 weeks. Please help?

For the past 3 weeks, it hurts when I swallow and nothing helps. Also, my ears have been hurting as well. I don't have a fever or any other symptoms. Around week 2, I was going to go to the doctor about it but it seemed to improve for a day or two. Now I'm right back where I started. Does anyone know what this might be?

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    It sounds like Strep Throat. Strep throat often comes back again and again, and I have it right now LOL so trust me on this!

    You should go to your doctors and take antibiotics. He will tell you (as mine did) that you should keep taking the antibiotic even AFTER symptoms seem to go away (otherwise it just comes back again and again). You take the antibiotic for a day or two after you seem to be Okay, then you can probably stop.

    I think I'm on Amoxicillin (can't spell to save my life sorry)

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    It could be an ear infection. They can be murder on the throat. Time to get to your doctor. It would be time for antibiotics after this long. Dr's can check and confirm easily too.

    Pneumonia is a chest thing, not throat. If you had that you'd be quite ill and coughing.

    Amonia is a chemical used for cleaning.

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    is your earache just an earache or a pounding...if its pounding like a heartbeat in your ears it could be that blood count is low. and the sore throat could be just a sore throat throat or it could be something else...Go back to your doctor.

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    I had EXACTLY the same thing. The doctor gave me an antibiotic, and I got better in about 5 days.

    It is apparently a flu with some secondary infections.

    Hope you feel better,

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    Prob need to get some meds to deal with an ear infection.

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    sounds like you have sinus draining down your throat and a ear infection too. go to the ears,nose,and throat doctor.or it will just keep coming back.i went to my reg.doc. and it came back someone told me to go to ears,nose,and throat doc.hope you feel better.

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    seems like you need to go back to the doctor, or another one. It is definetly an infection, you will need an antibiotic, ampicillain, etc.

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    streap and ear inection. go 2 the doctor

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    ear infection

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    allergies... same problem here. Try some OTC medicine, it should help.

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