Who would you give my free computer to?

I recently took out a Craigslist ad to give away a free computer and got a ton of responses, some of them from very needy and deserving people. Hence, I'm very torn as to who to give it to. Here's a list of the finalists and I would like your input as to who you think is the most deserving and needs it the most:

1. The single mom working two jobs with two daughters that need it for homework.

2. The desperate college student who got her truck broken into and her laptop stolen. She has no money for another computer and has turned up at other places only to find their equipment taken.

3. The disabled couple who will use this computer to help maintain lists of people suffering from the same disease so they can receive treatment.

4. The school teacher teaching underprivelaged children who wants to start a computer class but can't afford the equipment.

Who do you think deserves the computer the most?

BTW if you have equipment that you don't need, please consider giving it away. There are literally hundreds of needy people out there who desperate to have it.

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    It's a toss up between 3 or 4.

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    I would say the university student. For the single mom, research can be done for free at the library and elementary and high school teachers are really lenient about papers being either handwritten or typed. There are also local groups and newspapers for the disabled couple to look through. For the university student, everything is done online. It would be near impossible to try and complete all assignments and web postings and keep up to date with emails etc. posted online through a library. There is almost no way you can go through university without a pc or laptop. The teacher could also really use the computer but i think one computer won't start an entire computer class. They need a larger donation to get a class up and running, they could also make the class at a local library that has computers they could use for an hour a couple times a week. I think the best option would be to give it to the University student, you could even encourage her to donate it back to the teacher or any of the others when she is done! Hope this helps!

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    I suspect that at least some of those are falsely represented, so just pick one at random.

    1. A plausible story, at least - although computers are rarely *really* used for homework in the real world. If it is a lie it is a good one (always keep a lie simple - don't embellish).

    2. If that college student was dumb enough to leave things of value in her truck then she needs an attitude adjustment a whole lot more than she needs a laptop.

    3. Maintaining a list of people who need treatment will not help them get treatment - so this is a waste of time.

    4. There are grants and give-aways in the thousands for this purpose.

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    I would give it to the single mom with two daughters. They are still going to have to supply the internet connection. These are my reasons:

    the desperate college student can use online computers in the library.

    The disabled couple gets a hefty paycheck each month from social security.

    Anyone would finance the school teacher for the classroom. I have done this.

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    Instead of giving it away to a single person, not knowing if they are telling you the truth about themselves. I would donate the equipment to an organization where many people could have access to your computer. By also making your donation to an organization, it's a tax deduction for you as well. Then you are going to feel better that you helped out more than just one person with your generosity. Very nice gesture and I applaud your kindness.

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    Man that is tough, and good job in giving ur computer away :)

    I think the "single mom working two jobs with two daughters that need the computer for homework" deserves it most because, this will enusure their future in education.

    Hope this helps

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    um, there all in need. I'd say from most needy to least needy is numbers 2, 1, 4, 3. i'd pick either 2 or 1.

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    Those are lies. How do I know? I've done the same thing, I'm the "poor starving college student whose laptop just got stolen"

    I turn around, and sell the computers a few weeks later.

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    Be careful, some people make up sob stories to get what they want.

    But, on a second thought the single mom with the two daughters seems believable. It's short, to the point, and doesn't have that exaggerating vibe.

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