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What does the Korean word, 힘듦 (Himdeulm) mean?

What does the Korean word, 힘듦 (Himdeulm) mean?

I've seen someone say "Himdeulm enough to die" and i've seen someone's status as "Himdeulm"

Can anyone help?

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    힘듦 would be "difficulty." It's the noun form of the verb 힘들다, which means, "to be tough" or "to be difficult"

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    himdeulm - the hardships that one feels when one is going through a difficult time

    himdeulm enough to die - one is going through such a difficult time that it is enough for him or her to die

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    "힘듦" means difficult. It's used to describe things that are hard for the person to do.

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