Info for babysitting job.?

Okay can you please let me know for babyditting what parents look for, what to put on a flier, how much to charge, and should i get certified for first aid, CPR, and babysitting? If so where are the best places. Thanks! =]

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    Definitely get CPR and first aid training. You can usually to to a YMCA/YWCA for that.

    You need to show that you are responsible and mature. Parents are always afraid that you won't pay attention to their children's needs, use up their phone/internet/tv, pick through their things, and bring over friends you aren't supposed to. Put something in your flier that will reflect that you won't do any of that. If you are still in school, list some achievements, afterschool activities, clubs, etc. where you have taken charge to show that you are responsible.

    You should charge at least 10 an hour, at the very minimum, and a bit more if you are taking care of infants, like 12-15 an hour, since they are more work. Of course, pay will depend on your age and experience.

    You should show that you are great with kids. Be creative in the activities you have planned. I used to love the Babysitters' Club books, and the characters would have a Kid Kit box where they would have games, books, and other things to keep kids occupied.

    Learn how to deal with different kid personalities and behaviors. Show that you are patient and won't get mad easily. Most parents won't be comfortable with you spanking/yelling at their kids, so find creative ways to make the children respect and obey you.

    As for a flier, list your experience with babysitting, fee, some of your achievements (like I said above), and why you are reliable, mature, etc. Be sure to list that you know CPR/First Aid (when you get it), since that is a great bonus for parents to have piece of mind. And be sure to show that you love kids and know how to have fun, since you not only want to impress the parents but also the kids. Hope that helps.

    *Edit* Crysanthala makes a good point. In Texas, it seems people pay a bit more, or at least in my experience, for babysitting, especially for young children. Definitely ask around, but like I said, it all depends on your age and experience. But don't be too cheap! You're taking care of young precious lives, and the family should appreciate that.

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    I don't know where you are from Addina, but where I live I don't know anyone who can afford to pay a young teen $10 an hour of more for babysitting. Federal minimum wage is lower than that. I know full time, professional nannies that barely make $10 and hour.

    I loved all the other advice that Addina gave, but my advice for what to charge is to find out what other kids in your area are charging and/or what parents in your area pay to quote an acceptable and competitive price. Most people I know charge/pay a flat price for the first two kids with an extra dollar or two for each additional child.

    Source(s): I have two kids and know that prices for baby sitting can differ greatly from one area of the country to another.
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    £5 to £10 an hour. this is often fairly useful to fulfill the family individuals and infants in the previous you prefer to babysit, so which you will locate out as plenty advice related to the youngsters as you are able to. Babysitting interest verify checklist mom and dad touch huge type – cellular, eating place huge type the place they are going Emergency touch advice – physician's, police, wellbeing middle scientific advice related to the youngsters – allergic reactions, any medicine required meals and drinks checklist – nut allergic reactions, what the youngster can or can no longer have mattress time recurring – bedtime tale, sparkling tooth, replace nappy, bottle and so on Any comforter's – dummies, teddy or blanket value - 5 / hr Be mature. bBe risk-free & accountable shop infants engaged.

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