Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Does anyone know how to save my data to my memory chip instead of the actual Wii? I can't just copy it to the chip, the system won't allow me.

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    1 decade ago
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    you cant put save data from any wii game that has wifi on it onto the SD card normally.

    Games that have wifi on them wont copy to an SD card

    However, you can use some homebrew tools called savegame installer and savegame extractor to put the save file on the SD card.

    if you want to use savegame extractor and/or savegame installer, you need either the homebrew channel or you have to use the twilight hack.

    Chris S, you have no idea at all. updating it wont work and if you do update the wii to 3.3, then you need the new twilight hack.

    its because SSBB is wifi.

    if you need help, go to

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    By memory chip you mean SD card, right?

    On the main menu, go to Wii Settings >> Data Management >> Save Data >> Wii.

    There you should see a tab at the top-right that says "SD Card" if an SD card is in. If you don't see that, then it's possible that your card may not be compatible with your Wii. Also, the Wii only reads cards up to 2 GB usually, and will not read SDHC cards.

    Other than copying data from the Wii, there's no way to save directly onto an SD card from Brawl. Try updating your Wii and if nothing else works, try formatting your SD card, it might help.

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    Was the chip specifically made for the wii? (that's all the advice I have)

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