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I have a conspiracy theory with a few holes in it?

Iraqis are acting as proxies for the French in an effort to establish the euro as the national currency. The majority of the U.S. military was sent out before the french could establish political control. This harbor of oil, or a religious prophecy would stir public fears. Meanwhile the Treasury is boosted, credit is extended and the American people are squeezed for every last dime. Corporations squirrel away their profits and call them losses. Taxpayers bail them out in an attempt to stabilize a failing economy. A regime change, the fascist christian movement. They're trying to build a prison for you and me. It's back to the stone age for liberty.

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    Sounds like you have a pretty controversial story to tell. It sounds interesting, but how exactly do Christians become fascists? Are you going to bring Hitler into this or something?

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    no holes, brother. you put the button on it

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