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I need suggestions on what to wear to an LA fashion week red carpet event.?

Need suggestions about What to wear to an LA fashion week red carpet event?

this is not a joke - really seriously need some ideas and suggestions for a girl 13 - young celebrity and a woman 45 ( Mom) to wear to an LA fashion week red carpet event, fashion show, after party.

Thanks )

It will be for Sjobeck denim clothing line

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    I have always heard that one cannot be better dressed than to wear a nicely fitted and very simple "little black dress." It is always flattering to the figure, no matter what your figure happens to look like, no matter your age - 13, 30, or even 80 - and always elegant without being overdressed. If it seems too somber, you can always dress it up with accessories. A string of pearls (fake, if you're like me and can't afford the real thing) or, better, a jade necklade and earrings. For your daughter maybe just a touch of pink here and there -- maybe a pink belt, pink shoes, a pink bow or barrettes or something similar in her hair. Not too tight, so you can move around easily, but not a tent either, so you don't look pregnant. Heels or flats are up to you. That's what I would do.

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    Sorry, no idea - am not particularly fashionable. How about some Nepalese Clothing from Dispersion '59(if it's still in business), or some stuff by Red or Dead or dunno...


    Liam x

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