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I like this girl and she know I do and I dont know how she feels?

I went to an ice skating rink with friends and there was this girl there I got a huge crush on her and we had alot of eye contact. In reading the next day a girl asks me who I like I told her who then it turned out she was her best friend so no duh she problaby told her. Then the next day after school I got a friend request on myspace and it was her, we started hanging out more in a group, + I got her phone number. Then summer came along and in the new school year which is now. We dont talk as much as we used to but we still hangout like at the movies and stuff. Its not the same. I'm really into her and I dont really know what I'm going to do! Help.

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    Dude, just tell her how you feel. I was in a same situation this summer, and trust me, you'll feel a lot better once you get it off your chest.

    You may not get the answer that you're looking for, but at least you'll know that you didn't hold anything back.

    "There's little to gain by waiting, but plenty to be lost...."

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    Talk to her, tell her how you feel about her. Take her out to eat.

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