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Whick animal do most people perfer?? Cats or dogs?

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    DOGS. I love how they make it seem like they actually need you. Cats could survive on their own.

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    I have met mean cats and mean dogs but I think that dogs are more loving but higher maintenance than cats. Some cats are also really nice and love attention.

    I think most peoples preferences are based on what animals they have been around and perceive as having an aloof or poor temperament. Most people I know have cats and dogs that all get along and are all very human friendly.

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    I own both, and have for years. If its a lap animal that's quiet that you want then a cat's for you. If you want an interactive pet that you can walk, play with and who will love you un-conditionally, then definately a dog. they are like another human family member!

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    Cats......I have always had cats since I can remember. Love dogs, but hands down for the meow!

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    You can't ask a question like this. All you're going to get is biased opinions.

    Cats don't smell, but they're relatively quiet creatures and lose their kitten playfulness after a few years.

    Dogs smell but they bond with people really well, and play with their owners even after their puppy years.

    Like I said before, almost every answer here will be biased.

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    I think overall most people prefer dogs. I like both.

  • 1 decade ago

    cats there so affectionate

    and dont require as much attention as dogs

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    cats...believe it or not but there are more cat owners in the U.S. than dog owners

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    Dogs, They are alot nicer to me.

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